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I Used To Be A Mambo Dancer For The FBI...

why cant the people i want to be around, actually be around?
my hands smell like play dough, ehh. i hate waiting by the phone like a fucking moron. its degrading. my nerves are going insane.

suck a dink

edit: also, i was abruptly awoken by this insane scratching and banging on my window at 3:00 this morning. i thought it was a burgular trying to break in and it scared the shit outta me. then it stopped and i proceeded to roll over and go back to sleep. but, it turns out it wasnt a burgular at all, it was Chris, in need of a place to escape the fridged outside cuz his car was the victim of a bb gun drive-by so the windshield got shattered. its so bad, but so fucking hilarious.

quincy is retarded.
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